Hawk Flights
compressed using
Cinepak codec
or mpg-2

Harris on Blue hare.avi

Swirling rabbit kill.avi

                   Highland Hawking
All these clips and over 150 more are available on the forthcoming video "Highland Hawking". If interested please leave a message in my guestbook or email me and I will get back to you promptly.

N.B. Video currently only available on PAL System (U.K.) VHS  ansd SVHS
My Harris takes walked up Blue hare.
Neilson takes his 51st hare with the help of Bell.
My Harris swirls through the air on a rabbit.

Neilsons 51st Hare.avi

Neilson's hawk almost gets it!


Walked up Blue hare no. 1
Walked up Blue hare no. 2
Walked up Blue hare no. 4
Walked up Blue hare no. 3
Slo mo walk up

Blue hare no.1 mpg

Blue hare no.2 mpg

3.95 MB.

Blue hare no.3 mpg

N.b.  I have had some feedback implying that some of these flights involved bagged quarry,                    I would like to stress that at no time was any captive or released animal used.  All flights are as they occured in the field.  Some walked up flights may appear artificial simply because I continually run my video camera as I'm hawking,  -  uses lot's of battery and tape but it's the only effective way.

3.27 MB.
3.73 MB.
4.09 MB.
5.57 MB.

Blue hare no.4 mpg

Slo mo 1.mpg

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